1960s toy trivia

Which toy was the first to be advertised on television and made appearances in the Toy Story films? The toy Escalado featured which sport? InYasmin, Jade, Cloe and Sasha became serious competitors to Barbie - how are these dolls collectively known? Most Tamagotchis were housed in a small egg-shaped computer with an interface consisting of how many buttons?

Featuring 7, pieces, what do you build with the largest Lego set ever? In the game Buckaroo, which is the only playing piece to have a hole drillied in it? And how many peices in total are there to put on the mule? The name of which game is derived from the Swahili word which means 'to build'? Which inventor created the model construction system called Meccano? Name the most recognisable brand of children's crayon? What was the name of the little doll that was dropped from the children's television show Play School in the s and replaced by Poppy?

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What was the nationality of professor Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik's Cube? Which executive toy is a device that demonstrates the scientific principle of the conservation of momentum and energy?

1960s toy trivia

Which geometric drawing toy, that produces mathematical roulette curves, was developed by British engineer Denys Fisher in the mid s? Which action figure's most notable feature was that it could be stretched from its original size to nearly five feet? What was the name of the keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game created by Aki Maita in ? Answers: Lil Outrageous Littles Mr.

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Potato Head Horse racing Bratz Dolls. Thank you for printing this toy quiz. Please do not forget to come back to www.Up until then, its sales had been sluggish. Mattel later recalled the dolls and issued this statement :. You can still buy this toy today, but it's now known as Dr. In the original cartoon series, Wisp is renamed Rainbow Brite in the second episode after she defeats the King of Shadows and brings back color to Rainbow Land.

Cleaning wallpaper was a necessity before WWII, when most homes were heated by coal, which left behind a soot residue. By the s that changed as vinyl wallpaper was introduced which could be cleaned with soap and waterand homes were heated by gas. The nephew of the inventor of the soot cleaner saw an opportunity to market the non-toxic cleaner to kids as molding clay, and thus Play-Doh was born.

Stillinger was inspired to create the toy when he was teaching his kids to play catch and realized that a ball shaped like Koosh, would be easier for very small kids to grab. Via docs. Via misbarbiesestefania. Mattel later recalled the dolls and issued this statement : "We're not in the business of putting cock rings into the hands of little girls. Via entertainmentearth. Also, back then Mr. Potato Head required a real potato to put the pieces into.

Via toy-tma. Via etsy. Via jaxairnews. Yup, He-Man toys existed before the series was even created. Via mysynonym. Via target. Via totallys. Getty Images. In all fairness to the Furby, it was capable of saying only about a words in English. Share This Article Facebook.If you grew up in the 's and had access to a television, you probably remember seeing a slew of toy ads.

Kids in the modern age have access to the internet and a world of information at their fingertips but the 90s kids were all about toys and gear. With so many companies competing to create the "next big thing," we had a smorgasbord of entertaining items to choose from.

In fact, there were so many cool toys sprinkled throughout the 90s that it can be downright difficult to remember all of them. We figured we'd challenge all of you 90s kids or 90s enthusiasts out there by putting together a little test concerning all those popular and sometimes cult classic 90s playthings!

Do you think you have what it takes to score over fifty percent on this blast from the 90s past? Hop right in and see how many 90s toys you can name!

1960s Trivia Game

These talkative little fuzzballs were first introduced at the American International Toy Fair. They were licensed and sold by Tiger Electronics, who made a killing during the Christmas season. I personally owned two of these things and can attest to their constant babble and made-up discussion. Some might consider them creepy but they've been well received by children. The toy line even saw a recent revival, in These creatures found their way into 27 million homes. Surely you remember what they're called?

Many unsuspecting 90's kids would fall victim to this incredibly addictive device. It hit store shelves in and then promptly exploded in popularity. The premise of the game was simple. You had to follow a series of audio cues and then input the correct command on the device. The first iteration of this popular toy only had three commands but later variants had as many as five. The game would move faster with each correct response.

It was possible to beat the machine, but you'd have to input correct commands, which was no easy feat. You didn't have to live in the 's to know what this popular toy is. You can find current models of this iconic cooking electronic on modern store shelves.

It's important to note that this childhood icon was actually invented back inby the Kenner Corporation. It wasn't until when Hasbro who owns the rights after absorbing Kenner unveiled the "current" model that it began to sell like hot cakes.

Older versions used an incandescent bulb to heat confections, while new models use an actual heating element. Some toys gain popularity due to their fun and engaging design, while others are simply fads.

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This next item is the latter but it took the world by storm in the 's. These tiny cardboard discs were inspired by Milk Caps, a game which was played in Hawaii during the 's. These caps were revitalized under a different name and peaked in popularity by the mid 90's. McDonald's began including them in their Happy Meals and you could even receive them for opening a bank account at certain banks.

Modern "milk caps" had pop culture designs and popular characters on them. During the Christmas season ofmany young girls were introduced to these fairy-like flying toys. Each set came with a winged figure and a launching pad. By tugging a pull string attached to the pad, these toys would launch into the air with their foam wings spinning like a propeller.Barbie must have been lonely because two years after she was released to the market, her boyfriend, Ken, was released in Ken, like Barbie, had a wide variety of clothing.

He would be joined later in the decade with other male Barbie dolls. Has a board game ever been more delicious? Candyland was the game that really launched Milton Bradley into the board game phenomenon.

While it was first created in the late s, the iconic plastic gingerbread men pawns weren't introduced until The game was Milton Bradley's bestseller and put them on the map alongside Parker Brothers. The game is still very popular today. Lego blocks have been manufactured since and have been a hit ever since. The s construction blocks were highly popular and featured sets with to pieces.

The Easy-Bake Oven baked thumb-sized cakes and brownies with an incandescent light. In the first year, there were oversold. To date, there have been more than 16 million sold. Joe is one of the best-selling action figures of all time. Like all popular figurine toys, accessories were an important part of playing with these toys.

1960 Fun Facts and Trivia

The Mouse Trap Game was all about building a complicated trap using a Rube Goldberg machine to do an easy job. The game came out in as one of the first 3D game boards and was wildly popular. The game is still produced today.

1960s toy trivia

What better way was there in the 60s to listen to your favorite swinging music? The popularity of the transistorized phonograph was due to new technology which made it lightweight, portable and had the ability to use batteries instead of AC. The Moon Scope Telescope became popular in the s alongside science fiction novels, comics and graphic novels.

The 60s were also the dawn of the space race between the U. Monopoly was first invented in to demonstrate how economics works with few restrictions, but it wasn't until that Parker Brothers published the game. Through the s, it remained relatively unchanged. The game is so loved that over versions have been sold. The s were all about talking dolls, and Barbie was the most sold doll of the decade. Bythe two were combined with a string that kids pulled behind Barbie's neck so she could talk.

This was also the first Barbie with separated fingers. Despite her popularity, later collectors would find that these dolls had a terrible time with limbs staying attached, and most no longer talk. Kids have always wanted to be like their parents, so it isn't surprising that inFisher-Price invented a talk back telephone with a pull string.

The chatter telephone was one of many dial telephone toys that came out in the 60s. Matchbox has had several carrying cases over the years but few rival the Car City case. When broken down, this case turned into an actual city with buildings, streets and we're guessing plenty of fun. Originally advertised as wallpaper cleaner, Play-Doh was soon on every kid's shelf as a modeling toy. It originally was advertised to children in the s, with big growth in the s.

It is still sold today. The Beatles Board Game was first published in as a smart campaign to make money off of the popular band.How much do you remember about the s? Can you recall all of the lyrics to the songs that you used to blast on your Walkman? And what is your recollection of the popular toys of the decade?

Well, now's your chance to find out. Below, we've compiled some tricky '80s trivia questions that will put your memory to the test. Good luck! Yazoo—known as Yaz in North America—released two albums during their short-lived stint in the early '80s. According to the official Strawberry Shortcake websiteHuckleberry Pie is a "happy-go-lucky boy from Berry Big City who runs a dog shelter.

This electronic game was a symbol of the s.

Most Popular Toys from The 1960s - The Year You Were Born

In the '80s, the song was also featured in the show ALF in an homage to the famous Risky Business scene. Their first story was about the assassination attempt on civil rights leader Vernon Jordan.

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While only 2 to 6 percent of Americans saw drug abuse as the nation's top problem inthat number was at 64 percent by Every '80s kid tried calling this number at some point. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button.

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Even kids who grew up in the s might struggle with this quiz! By Morgan Greenwald January 27, Question: Who was the only major male character among Strawberry Shortcake and friends? Question: Clockwise, name the order in which the colors appear on a Simon. Question: Which '00s singer got her start on Kids Incorporated?

Question: Which popular news network launched on June 1, ? Question: Which first lady was responsible for the s "Just Say No" campaign?

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Question: In this popular '80s song, what was Jenny's phone number? Question: Freddy Krueger is the antagonist of which '80s horror movie franchise? Question: What movie gave Julia Roberts her big break and included Matt Damon's first speaking line?

Read This Next. Not even. You must be an '80s kid. Latest News. Smarter Living. Make sure you clean it before you break it. It can make a huge difference. Former FDA chief says to expect "rapid acceleration. COVID has changed singles' dating checklists. Experts determined the best card for getting cash. One snap for each year she's been a star. Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn.Kids had countless more toys to choose from compared to previous decades and parents spent more on their kids.

Many of these games were played in a social setting with much interaction between family and friends. Enjoy this quiz as we step back into history with the toys and games of the s! How many of these can you identify? Sign up for our Quiz of the Day Get fresh new quizzes sent to your email every day!

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1960s toy trivia

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In the s, radio, film, television, and books defined the essence of American pop culture. These history facts from the American music industry have been made available courtesy of Billboard. Inthe Ajax brand of household cleaning products and detergents enjoyed great success. Here is how much a new car cost in by make and model:. Party Games. Drinking Games. Trivia Games. Lawn Games.

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