2019 hobie outback modifications

Hobie has advanced the sport of kayak fishing with the introduction of Kick-Up Fins that automatically retract upon impact. The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient vantage point for sight fishing, allowing for superior vision from above while the revolutionary Guardian Transducer Shield gives you multidimensional vision below.

The new Vantage CTW seat provides extra width for unmatched room and comfort. Four molded-in rod holders, multiple deluxe H-Track mounts, and numerous high-capacity storage compartments ensure that all of your gear is at your fingertips. Now featuring our Kick-Up Rudder system with dual steering capabilities, combating drift and navigating tight water has never been easier. For more information, please go to: www. This does not impact any other products or prior model years. If you purchased a Mirage kayak with a MirageDrive with Kick-Up Fins from September 1, on, please follow these instructions so we can assist.

New Patented Kick-Up Fins provide the power to charge through the water as never before.

2019 hobie outback modifications

Logs, kelp, shallows, rocks, no problem. In Hobie revolutionized kayaking forever. Experience 20 years of innovation perfected. Shown with upgraded ST Turbo Fins. Comes standard with ST Fins. Unparalleled adjustability for the utmost comfort, a drier ride, and longer days on the water. The Vantage CTW provides an extra 1. Retractable Shield protects transducer on impact and retracts away for transport.

Built-in transducer mount allows side scanning for optimal fishfinder performance. Everything you need at your fingertips. Dual H-Track Deluxes with H-Rail boast the ultimate in accessory mounting, customization and organization. EVA deck pads provide a cushioned standing area and sound dampening. The vertical rectangular hatch easily opens for more tackle storage and includes a bottle opener for cold beverage enjoyment.

The Kick-Up Rudder locks in to place when you need it and retracts on impact. A large carrying handle makes transport a breeze while providing the perfect mount for your GoPro. The stern is also Power-Pole ready with pre-drilled inserts. Piercing bow helps cut effortlessly through the water, wind, wake, and chop while reducing hull slap.

Reflective bow graphics provide an added safety feature. Extra large bow compartment makes storage easy and accessible. Take a Test Ride Mirage Outback. See it in Person. Image Gallery. See It In Action. Learn More.Hobie Forums. Posted: Thu Jun 20, pm. I'm a bigger guy kg and around cm heightand am worried that i wouldn't be able to maintain a cruising speed of 3. So if someone has experience with one or both kayaks plz help The following questions are about the upgrades for the revo 16 because i don't have the option to see the kayak in person and select the upgrades and my only leads are pictures that i found online: 1.

Can the hobie ama kit catalogue number be mounted in the area behind the seat, as in, is there enough flat surface to drill and fasten the ama sidekicks saw that it is possible on the revo 13but the revo 16 is slimmer by 2 centimeters 2.

What other rodholder bases and rodholders would you recommend for trolling, and where best to place them on the revo 16 4. Post subject: Re: revolution 16 upgrades - help!!

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Posted: Tue Jun 25, am. Yes you can mount the Hobie sidekicks on the Revo 16, I have done so behind the seat and they work just fine. See my post in the open kayak on wellnuts I understand your concern about the speed differential between the Outback and the Revo The Revo is faster than the Outback and the Outback is much more stable than the Revo as well as being an ideal fishing vessel.

2019 hobie outback modifications

I would also strongly recommend that you test drive each kayak for yourself rather than taking my word for it. After a few hours test ride on each kayak I think you will easily answer your own questions. I struggled to mount the rail track and it was not fun. I finally had to use the T-Rivet style Pop Rivets to mount the rail in order to have some way to mount my fish finder on the Revo If you really want to kayak fish a lot the Outback is a great fishing kayakI really like it.

All rights reserved. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: revolution 16 upgrades - help!! You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.Whether its our cars, boats or in this article kayaks, there is a myriad of accessories available to enhance our time on the water.

Here is our top 5 Mods to improve your Hobie Kayak. The hatch mechanism opens and closes much easier than the circular hatch. When used in combination with the rectangular bucket and gasket you have a sealed waterproof compartment perfect for protecting and accessing valuable items such as cameras, phones and keys.

The bucket can also be removed, allowing you to store more gear inside the hull. Check out our full rectangular hatch install article HERE. The addition of turbo fins, increases both speed and torque with little to no extra effort required from the angler, you will slightly increase the draft of the kayak but the benefits far out way the downsides. Upgrading from the standard rudder to the large rudder, makes a huge difference to craft handling. Tracking is greatly improved for both peddling and drifting requiring less adjustments to the rudder controls.

The addition of a front hatch liner improves the usability of the front hatch. A hatch liner protects items from getting wet, should the internal of the kayak get wet. It also prevents items from sliding deep inside the yak, preventing access while on the water.

Official Hobie hatch liners are available to purchase for selected hobie models, however these can also be a cheap and easy DIY, using a Flexi Storage tub. Although all Hobie kayaks come standard with rear moulded in rod holders, they have a few minor drawbacks that can be overcome with the addition of railblaza rod holders. The addition of the Sideport and Rod holder 2 to the rear cargo area of your yak, allows you to store your spare rods inside the yak away from salt spray in vertical position without protruding the footprint of the kayak, this allows for better maneuverability in tight areas.

The Rod Holder 2 also allows you to lock your rod in the holders, preventing rods from accidentally being dislodged. Written by: Josh Cheong. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Powered by Wordpress.

About the Author: Josh Cheong. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Like us on Facebook. Find us on Facebook.Forgot your password? Started by NHAnglerFebruary 9, Been away from kayak fishing for a couple of years. Sold my Revo last year as I was not using it much. I have a boat but also have a lot of friends with boats so it seems that plans are always going sideways and just want to fish. So ya, getting back into a kayak to increase my short solo trips is my goal.

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I have not checked yet but have always found deals on last year models and would be my first choice but seeing the changes to the make me want to suck it up and buy the current year setup. Curious, what appeals to you about the new Outback over what you had with the Revo? For me, weight was critical and being able to toss the Revo on the roof and carry it from parking to my launch point was huge. I just bought a outback after going to look at the The looks great but i don't like how much lower it sits in the water.

Also didn't like the whole floor being flat. For some reason i feel that will just hold water if it comes over. I went through quite a few kayaks over the years.

Hobie Revamps Best-Selling Mirage Outback Fishing Kayak

The Revo was great and don't regret it. Have maxed out to the fullest extent with accessories and then back down again to a minimalist approach only bringing the essentials and safety gear.

Only ever dumped it once and that was in the surf feet from shore coming in from a trip. As far as weight, I have a pickup truck with a Tbone.

Would not be roof topping it much, if at all. However, the appeal of the outback to me is to expand on stability though.User Area. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. April 10,PM. Recent Topics. Real pictures in Pandemic Santa Cruz Beaches shutti Home projects during Shel Covid information - so Happy Friday.

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SOLD-2 pack crabbing kit And now this? Newbie to Kayak fishing i Zombie Movie Recommendati A collection of Ling Cod Homemade Grub during Shel Want to Buy a Hobie. Bulldog and the Shop Vac. For sale - Santa Cruz Rap Solo skiff or Skanu.Hobie Forums. Posted: Fri Sep 21, am. I currently own a Hobie outback, in my opinion all it needed to be done was the retractable transducer. That was real nice. I also own a Hobie outback. The hobie goes 1 mile an hour faster with the same effort.

Maybe I will call it failed attempt to make a lightweight pro angler. Think of it, if you using a good fishfinder with side scan you need a bigger battery.

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I like to spend some time out on the water. That means putting in bigger battery or two batteries, one in front of the boat and one in the rear of the boat that is how I have my In the you have a hatch to get the steering that's it, I could be wrong, my Hobie is definitely custom I have done some modifications to the hull to install batteries, I don't see this happening in the I have yet to try the rudder System of theto me it looks like more stuff the break, just the idea of them putting on that to replaceable skid pads and that plastic thing to assist so you don't damage the rudder.

And for the interior of the boat in the dream they thought that they were giving you more room to put stuff. We use milk crates to put our equipment in. A kayak should be a clean design we're nothing gets in your way and everything is within line of sight. So now you have a place 2 tackle boxes, that can easily be stored under your seat to begin with.

My advice to Hobe will be not to call this and outback call it something else but not an outback.

I do have to give you thumbs-up on the transducer fix, it would allow me to trailer the kayak easier. Overall I would have to give this boat two thumbs down for a failed attempt to put everything on a boat that why they have the pro angler, bigger, heavier, must use trailer and the can't do associated in their attempt. Posted: Sun Sep 23, pm. I wouldn't care if they called it BOB.

Of course that's just my opinion. It sounds like you have upgraded your Outback to suit your needs. Good fishing. If you ever find the opportunity to paddle one, take it. You will find that the cockpit layout is one of the best on the market. I personally do not prefer to constantly be getting into my milk crate and prefer to have everything I regularly need accessible without turning around, which the does very well.

Also, this thing will flat scoot. It moves through the water very nicely and turns extremely well. Also it is hardly impacted by wind.

I went out this morning with mph winds and the kayak moved at a snail's pace while I was fishing.User Area. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. April 09,AM. Recent Topics.

2019 hobie outback modifications

We're being watched. Biggest Fish of ! Stuff for Sale. Want To Borrow Kayak-hauling Gear. Things I've been able to do in captivity - Looking at the bright side. In search of an adventure island. Social distancing at Green Peter tomorrow. I want your videos! Picture Of The Month. Casey working hard to keep the lead in AOTY.

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Rory Sturgeon. May 07,PM. In regards to the battle waged against horrifyingly awful hobie stock seats, I found this The chairs are so cheap I just have to try it.

Not quite as much as I'd hoped tho. One, is death. The other May 08,AM 1. Looks more like the seat in the pro angler now, good idea! Widgeonmangh Lingcod. May 08,AM 2. This looks like a great seat. Has me thinking about how I might be able to adapt it to my unique situation. The saddle on my boat makes some things easier and others harder. Much thinking and "re-engineering" required. Fish on the right side that's where the fish are!

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