Abandoned military bases colorado

Military bases and facilities, especially top secret bases, are some of the world's most frequent sites for reported UFO activity. Whether this is a coincidence or not, I'll leave to you. However, a litany of conspiracy theories, as well as some actual solid evidence, suggest more is going on there than mere adult science fair projects.

Fringe theories range from the facility being used to test electromagnetic "mind control" signals to it being the homebase of geoengineering and weather modifying technology.

Others claim they are working on holographic technology that can be used to beam images into the sky. A rash of mysterious humming and booming sounds in the region have also been attributed to HAARP activity.

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All that can be said for certain about HAARP is that there is some very strange "research" going on there that is directly applicable to defense systems, which falls under the category of "military," which HAARP denies it's a part of. It is the size of Rhode Island, and there's every indication that anything you can imagine going on in Area 51 goes on here. Initiated within two months of Pearl Harbor, there have been 60 years of reports suggesting this is the home of next-generation weapons systems, secret aircraft, particle beams, chemical and biological weapons and much more.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a hollowed out mountain in Colorado Springs that keeps track of everything in outer space and all planes in the North American airspace. In the event of a nuclear war, personnel could survive in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex for 30 days completely cut off from the outside world.

Twenty five-ton blast doors and over 1, thousand pound springs remain anchored within 1, feet of granite. Like Cheyenne, it is designed to be self-sufficient for 30 days after a nuclear attack. There are some reports that a 6 mile tunnel connects it to Camp David. It is also worth noting that cell phones and GPS devices do not work near Site R, which suggests there is a blocking mechanism in use to prevent people from coordinating or communicating in the vicinity.

Area 51 is simultaneously one of the most cliched and most enigmatic subjects in American popular culture and has been since the Roswell incidents in the late forties. It begs the question: how could so little be known about something that is talked about so much?

And the even more haunting question: if our government was secretly creating an atomic bomb in an underground city the Manhattan Project over 50 years ago, what epic deviousness could they be up to today? Whether it's in Area 51 itself or a different military installation, such as the nebulous Dulce base, it's almost a certainty that the U. Therefore, when I say Area 51, I mean wherever the hell they're doing whatever the hell they're doing it.

Ostensibly, this includes any of the following: alien experimentation, reverse engineering of alien spaceships recovered from Roswell, alien interbreeding, quantum teleportation, advanced artificial intelligence, high tech propulsion systems, time travel. The most recent theory supposes that whatever was taken to Area 51 from Roswell actually concerned a failed Soviet experiment.

Fredrick, Maryland was the home selected for America's first biological warfare program, signed into existence by President Roosevelt insoon after Pearl Harbor.

Military Facilities

Fort Detrick became home to tests involving biological toxins or infectious agents. In the s and '60s, scientists from Fort Detrick, along with the US Navy, conducted six experimental warfare attacks on San Francisco to test the general population's vulnerability to germ agents. What we know for sure goes on there is aviation technology research, and with 22, people employed and 6, personnel and their families living on-base, it seems like it would be difficult for flying saucers to be shuttled in and out without notice.

However, there is a large contingency that believes that after the Roswell crash, much of the wreckage of the UFOs and the alien bodies were taken to WPAFB and stored in a facility that came to be known as Hangar An alternate, possibly more realistic explanation is that the CIA and Air Force used the flying saucer phenomenon and Project Blue Book as a disinformation campaign to cover up sightings of the U2 and SR spy planes and possibly stealth craft that were being developed by the government in secret.

There was a time when this facility was the biggest secret since the Manhattan Project. Like many other top secret military bases, Mount Weather is tasked with protecting military elite in the event of a major disaster. This one is perhaps the ultimate bomb shelter.

Abandoned Military Bases in Nebraska

During the September 11, attacks, many high level officials, including Vice President Cheney, took refuge here.Search for:. Charles Lieber and 2 others with 21 stolen biological vials. Send Mail to The Truth Denied.

Log in Entries feed Comments feed WordPress. Evidence of these battles are presented daily through the USGS earthquake maps. Shallow, poorly constrained earthquakes at depths of 3 to 4 miles are, in all probability, caused by massive underground explosions at these DUMBs or their connecting tunnels.

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The best option for many Americans will be to have a safe place in a remote area where you can hide. This obviously cannot be achieved if Americans still possess firearms. Only the people of America can stop the coming American Holocaust from occurring. Almost all of these bases are over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 miles up to 30 miles across! They have been building these bases day and night, unceasingly, since the s. There is much hard evidence out there. Many will react with fear, terror and paranoia, but you must snap out of it and wake up from the brainwashing your media pumps into your heads all day long.

Are you going to be a rabbit in the headlights, or are you going to stand up and say enough is enough? There are acres of fenced-in areas which have barbed wire pointing into the area as if to keep things in, and small concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers rise out of the acres of nowhere to apparently vent underground levels.

The underground facility is Basically this Underground Base is 8 cities on top of each other! There is Dulce Base, in New Mexico.

Most Americans will not believe that an American Holocaust will happen until they see it happening with their own eyes. Till then, it is just another strange conspiracy theory for them to laugh at. This is no laughing matter.

When it happens, it will be too late to stop it. Is there a hidden secret military base in Arizona? Well thats what the rumor is and today I set out to see if I could find any hints of the rumor being true. We at TTD have not been able to retrieve anymore information off of the plate. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Bless you! Can you unsubscribe yourself from our emails? Please let us know. The navy is the most integral part of the US army.

Nowadays, the US Navy is the best-decorated army in the world. Hello Jeffery, Would you by any chance have any photos to send us? Id soplease email them to info thetruthdenied. Thanks for your time, TTD. Fact: we are all going die at some time that is a given. How you live up to that time is ALL that counts.

We will not be able to stand up against these people and these facilities if they do exist. But I will not go down peacefully regardless. I will go to Heaven fighting these evils if that is what it comes to.You are here Home.

abandoned military bases colorado

Military Facilities. The plant was the largest federal project in Colorado history before its conversion into the Federal Centerwhich today houses dozens of government agencies. Beginnings The federal government announced plans for a Read more about Denver Ordnance Plant. Fitzsimons Main Hospital Building Share article to.

Anschutz Medical Campus Share article to. Established east of Denver inFitzsimons General Hospital was originally established as an army hospital specializing in treating soldiers infected with tuberculosis during World War I. After struggling with small budgets and the threat of closure, the facility expanded with the addition of a Read more about Fitzsimons General Hospital. Fort Garland Fort Garland, Share article to. Fort Garland Museum Share article to.

abandoned military bases colorado

The fort was built to protect early settlers from Native American raids in the years before treaties, reservations, and removal made that mission obsolete. After decades of neglect, the fort was Read more about Fort Garland. The post had two locations: the first, Camp Lewis, in Pagosa Springs and the second south of Hesperus. Camp Lewis was founded in and moved to Hesperus in because Pagosa Springs was too far from the Ute Read more about Fort Lewis. It started in as the small post cemetery at Fort Logan.

The fort was closed after World War IIbut in the cemetery became the seed of a newly designated Read more about Fort Logan National Cemetery. Fort Vasquez Fort Vasquez Share article to.

Fort Vasquez Buffalo Share article to. After ruthless competition and changing trade patterns caused the pair to leave the fort, it served as a landmark along the South Platte River Trail before gradually disappearing back into the plains Read more about Fort Vasquez.Air Force, built 11 training centers in Nebraska for pilots and aircrews. Due to the relative isolation of Nebraska as well as having weather that made for excellent flying conditions year-round, it was deemed to be an ideal location for their training ranges.

None of the initial 11 airfields are still in operation in the same capacity that they were built for during the World War II era. Some became civilian airports, others were sold to private companies, and some were used for their exceptional farmland.

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Ainsworth Army Airfield is located just north of Ainsworth, Nebraska. Sixty-four buildings were built increating a complete base.

Most of the people who worked on its construction were Native Americans. Ainsworth Army Airfield Base was closed on December 31,and was mostly abandoned except for civilians manning the Fire Department and the Weather Squadron. The Army airfield then became the Ainsworth Municipal Airport in late This airport was first used for charter flights, aircraft rental, and flight lessons before a year or two of scheduling airline flights with Frontier DC-3s.

In the s, the old Ainsworth Army Airfield was used for balloon missions through the National Scientific Balloon Facility but these efforts were canceled shortly thereafter.

You can still find relics of the World War II-era littered around the area and one of the old hangers is still in use. It was constructed on top of farmland in which the previous owners were given only ten days to evacuate. The base consisted of three runways, three hangers, and support buildings.

Bruning Army Airfield was officially activated in when the first training groups arrived. The airfield was placed on reserve status in February and was closed by November of that same year.

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As it was dismantled, of the buildings were torn down and six of the runways were commissioned by the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics in to be used by the state. Nowadays, Bruning Army Airfield is mostly abandoned with only a handful of buildings still intact. Parts of the runways are used as a large commercial cattle feedlot called the Mid-America Feed Yard. Construction of the Fairmont Army Airfield began in September as a training ground for military aircrews.

Its first set of military personnel arrived a month later, in November. The base housed nearly 6, officers and enlisted men and was a training installation for 27 bombardment squadrons. In fact, in SeptemberLt. This was the group that dropped both atomic bombs on Japan.

Fairmont Army Airfield closed on December 31,and the buildings there were either sold, dismantled, or moved. Grand Island Army Airfield was constructed over an existing airport called the Grand Island Arrasmith Airport where buildings and constructions were added.

The airfield, located in Grand Island, Nebraska, opened in and was officially activated on April 1, Commanded by the Second Air Force Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Grand Island Army Airfield was used in the early years of the war to train aircrew bombers and later was a staging area for bombing crews to enter Guam and Tinian in the Pacific Theater of Operations. The base was also a Strategic Air Command in and a site equipped to perform major repairs for B Flying Fortress aircraft and B Superfortress bombers.

In the s, the Air Force began using the base for military purposes. Yet, these missions lasted only until Only about a dozen of the original buildings from the base still remain. On the base, buildings were constructed with five hangars. The base held 26 bombardment squadrons who were training in flying. By earlythe base was conducting training 24 hours a day preparing to enter the European and Pacific Theaters at the center of World War II.

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About 6, officers and enlisted men were stationed there. Harvard Army Airfield remained active for a while even after the Japanese surrendered, but it was eventually declared surplus on May 21, Other than the four hangers that still remain, most of the buildings on the base were either demolished, moved, or sold for their lumber.They were designed for the Titan 1, one of the first intercontinental ballistic missiles that was created by the United States.

At feet long, this missile was designed to deliver nuclear warheads to a target. Decommissioned inthe silos were acquired by a variety of public and private owners and for the most part, abandoned. Since the decommissioning, equipment has been removed, leaving expansive networks of abandoned tunnels from a bygone era. The site that tends to get the most attention is the missile silo near the town of Deer Trail, Colorado, a roughly 45 minute drive from Denver.

Inside of the complex are long passageways linking enormous rooms, many of which are covered in rust and graffiti. According to reports of those that have been inside, a strong industrial scent hangs in the air. With no functioning electricity, the inside of the silo is pitch black.

Many of the metal walkways have been partially removed, posing huge risks for anyone the now takes the trip inside.

Aside from risking bodily injury by entering the Deer Trail-area missile silo, explorers also risk legal consequences. This silo is located on private property and entering it means trespassing.

abandoned military bases colorado

According to reports from many that have tried to enter illegally, the landowner and local law enforcement monitor the situation carefully and charge those that are caught. According to the current owner of the Deer Trail silo, rancher Jerry Linnebur, he hates it when people try to enter his silo due to how dangerous exploring it can be.

As ofhe had plans to close the entrance for good, following the arrest of more than 30 people. Instead, watch the video above.We've made some changes to EPA.

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The 10 Most Top Secret Military Bases In The United States

Jump to main content. An official website of the United States government. Contact Us. Adak Naval Air Station. Williams Air Force Base. Eaker Air Force Base. Alameda Naval Air Station. Castle Air Force Base 6 Areas. Concord Naval Weapons Station. Federal Correctional Institute Lompoc. Fleet Industrial Supply Center Oakland. George Air Force Base. Long Beach Naval Sta.

March Air Force Base. Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Moffett Naval Air Station. Naval Shipyard Long Beach.

Top 7 Abandoned Military Bases

Norton Air Force Base Lndfll 2. Oakland Army Base Warehouse Area.Unknown to most Americans is a dark secret, and it's right under our noses. These Underground bases get prominent play in dark rumors circulating about captured extraterrestrials and alien technology.

The fringe culture rumors of underground alien-human shenanigans are in reality fed by leaks from questionable individuals, usually with intelligence connections. They are simply a ploy utility for the status quo. The whole captured-alien-hardware story is just a highly elaborate hoax to discredit those exposing the reality of these bases.

They are also a cover for the wholesale looting of the federal treasury by the corrupt and cynical secret government.

Mass detentions in camps and the underground bases, along with mass executions will occur, like they have in many other countries like Cambodia, Russia, China, Germany, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Belorussia, Hungary and the Ukraine over the past years.

The best option for many Americans will be to have a safe place in a remote area where you can hide. This obviously cannot be achieved if America stays the way it is with many still being relatively well off, and still possessing firearms.

abandoned military bases colorado

Only the people of America can stop the coming American Holocaust from occurring. Almost all of these bases are over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 miles up to 30 miles across! They have been building these bases day and night, unceasingly, since the s. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-levity trains that have speeds up to MPH.

Several books have been written about this activity. Richard Souder, a Ph. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They have nuclear powered laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day.

Note: The September, issue of Omni Pg. The Black Projects sidestep the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. There is much hard evidence out there. Many will react with fear, terror and paranoia, but you must snap out of it and wake up from the brainwashing your media pumps into your heads all day long.

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Are you going to be a rabbit in the headlights, or are you going to stand up and say enough is enough? There is the Deep Underground Military Base underneath Denver International Airport, which is over 22 miles in diameter and goes down over 8 levels.

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