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If you are planning to enrol in a graduate course at the Department of Statistical Sciences, we recommend you read through this page carefully. Please also note, that this course schedule is subject to changes. We will post changes and updates here, so check back frequently. Course enrolment for students from other department will start on Monday, August 24, You will not be able to add courses before this date.

To enrol in one of our graduate courses, you will have to If you have any additional questions, please contact our graduate student administrator. For dates regarding university closures, course drop and registration deadlinesand tuition payment deadlines, please have a look at the School of Graduate Studies sessional dates calendar.

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Please find course listings for both sessions below. You can also find a list of our graduate courses at the School of Graduate Studies page for our department. Introduction to data analysis with a focus on regression. Initial Examination of data.

Simple and multiple regression models using least squares. Inference for regression parameters, confidence and prediction intervals.

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Diagnostics and remedial measures. Interactions and dummy variables.

uoft timetable

Variable selection. Least squares estimation and inference for non-linear regression. Design of surveys, sources of bias, randomized response surveys. Techniques of sampling; stratification, clustering, unequal probability selection.

Sampling inference, estimates of population mean and variances, ratio estimation. Vocabulary of data analysis, Tests of statistical significance, Principles of research design, Introduction to unix, Introduction to SAS, Elementary significance tests, Multiple regression, Factorial ANOVA, Permutation tests, Power and sample size, Random effects models, Multivariate analysis of variance, Analysis of within-cases designs repeated measures.

If time permits, Categorical data analysis. Park, Jun. Practical techniques for the analysis of multivariate data; fundamental methods of data reduction with an introduction to underlying distribution theory; basic estimation and hypothesis testing for multivariate means and variances; regression coefficients; principal components and the partial multiple and canonical cor relations; multivariate analysis of variance; classification and the linear discriminant function.

The use of R software should be expected. Advanced topics in statistics and data analysis with emphasis on applications. Diagnostics and residuals in linear models, introductions to generalized linear models, graphical methods, additional topics such as random effects models, split plot designs, analysis of censored data, introduced as needed in the context of case studies.

The goal of this course is to give an overview of some of the computational methods that are useful in statistics. The rst part of the course will focus on basic algorithms, such as the Fast Fourier Transform and related methods and methods for generating random variables.Fall Graduate courses start on September 8, Winter Graduate courses start on January 4, Graduate students must enrol in the Graduate Section of cross-listed courses.

The Graduate Section is designated by the 4 digit course code. Updated on September 3, AM. To view course descriptions, click on the course code eg. Welcome from the Chair. Our Department. Our Faculty. Employment Opportunities. Get Involved. Prospective Students. A New First-Year Experience. Current Students.

How to Apply to the CS Program. Research Opportunities.

uoft timetable

Our Graduate Programs. Timetable and Courses. Research Areas. Faculty Research Interests. Partner with Us. Chair's Office. Staff Directory. Faculty Directory. View the Winter Timetable.

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View Course Descriptions. Updated on September 3, AM To view course descriptions, click on the course code eg. Students may be required to attend some course meeting times for synchronous assessments. The specific required dates will be announced at the beginning of the term and there will be at most five such dates. There will be regular quizzes during the lecture time slot.

Lectures will be delivered synchronously online, and recorded for later viewing. There will be opportunities for discussion and for asking questions. The grades will be based on two homeworks and a course project, including a project report and an online project presentation. There will also be occasional tutorials, at times to be decided later. They will also be recorded for asynchronous viewing. Assignments will be due at midnight Toronto time.

There will be no tests or exams or required synchronous assessments. Recordings for those unable to attend will be posted on the course website. Course tutorials will have both pre-recorded videos for background material, and an interactive session delivered online synchronously. Students will be required to attend some course meeting times for synchronous assessments.Jump to navigation.

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Course timetables list the current course offerings for a given term and their enrolment controls. For Daniels Faculty course descriptions, prerequisites, exclusions, and breadth requirements, please see the Daniels Faculty Academic Calendar.

Please note that not all courses listed in the academic calendar are offered every year. Summer Timetable last updated: July 15, Contact registrar daniels. If there is more than one Lecture section listed, select the one that is offered at the time most convenient for your schedule. If the course has both Lecture and Tutorial sections, you must enrol in one of each. If the course has both Practical and Lecture sections, you must enrol in one of each.

You must enrol in both the Lecture and the Practical. Once priority enrolment closes, spaces will be made available to all students.

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Refer to the departmental enrolment instructions on the Timetable listings. To cancel an E course, go to the Department or your Registrar's office prior to the stated drop deadline. Room Codes The building code refers to the campus map and are those used in the Timetable and course listings. Students may not enrol in a course that lists as an exclusion a course they are currently taking, a course they have already passed, or a course for which they have been given transfer credit.

If they enrol in such a course, they may be removed at any time during the enrolment period or during the session.

uoft timetable

Additional details can be reviewed in the Academic Calendar. Students may request to take the course as an EXT after the priority period, if there is space. This can be done by emailing registrar daniels.

uoft timetable

The Advanced Topics courses listed below are distinct credit offerings, and eligible students can enrol in more than one of the following courses, despite repeating course codes. Please note that a section number LEC denotes an online course offering. We live on a watery world.

Yet too often we ignore the connection between our buildings and the sea that is all around us. This course will look at the history of port cities, maritime infrastructure, ships, shoreline interactions, and island habitations. As sea levels rise, we will study examples of the terraqueous constructions from the ancient world to the present day and how architects are by necessity thinking more about an increasingly liquid landscape.

Students will develop projects through the lens of history and environmental criticism.English courses are arranged in four series, each of which indicates the nature and level of work expected: Series: The courses in our series introduce students to the study of English literature at the university level through broad courses that introduce the major literary forms via examples drawn from different times and places. These courses aim to develop writing, reading, and critical skills, and frequently require some oral participation in tutorial groups.

Essays at the level typically do not require research or secondary sources. These include the four "gateway" courses required of Specialists and Majors--introductions to the major national-historical fields British, Canadian, and American that comprise literatures in English--as well as a wide range of courses that will prepared students for further study.

Coursework at the level may require some research and the beginnings of familiarity with scholarship on the subject.

Fall / Winter 2020-21 Timetable

Students will often be expected to participate orally in class or in tutorial groups. English level courses are open to students who have obtained standing in 1. Courses at this level introduce students to research skills and typically require essays that incorporate some secondary sources. The smaller size of many of these courses frequently demands a greater degree of oral participation. Most English level courses are open to students who have obtained standing in at least 9.

Active student participation, including oral presentations, is an important part of these courses. Courses at the level require a substantial research essay for which the student has significant input into framing the research question. Please note, beginning with the FAS Calendar, for NEW program students, English series courses are open to students who have obtained standing in at least 9.

The Groups listed in our timetable indicate our pre Program Groupings. Please keep a copy of this timetable for your records. We would be making these exemptions on Degree Explorer before graduation and after students have completed both the course and the overall Group requirements.

Fall 2020/Winter 2021 Timetable

Changes to Reading Lists and Instructors - Students should note that changes to scheduling, staffing, reading lists, and methods of evaluation may occur anytime thereafter. Students should avoid purchasing texts until the reading list is confirmed by the instructor during the first week of classes. Students wishing to read listed texts in advance are advised to use copies available at both the University and public libraries.

The English Department timetable for St. Enrolment in all English courses is limited by Department policy.


In some series courses and all series courses, priority is given to students enrolled in an English program. In series courses, priority during the first round of enrolment is given to students who require a series course to satisfy program requirements.

To ensure maximum availability of series courses, fourth-year Specialists are allowed to enrol in only 1.

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During the second round of enrolment the priority is lifted and the course is open to all students who meet the prerequisites.Changes will likely occur as the province and its municipalities adjust to new data about the virus. In these circumstances, please be advised that the manner of delivery of courses, co-curricular opportunities, programs and services is subject to change, in accordance with university policies.

During the Fall term, the University of Toronto will review and finalize the delivery mode for Winter courses. This review is necessary to ensure the continued health and well-being of our community, and to determine the extent to which we may offer in-person elements in accordance with Provincial and University health and safety policies. We anticipate that many Winter courses will be offered online or will be later changed to online delivery.

If the delivery mode changes for a course in which students have already enrolled for example, from in-person to onlinethose students' enrolment remains guaranteed. When these changes occur, all students will be informed as soon as possible.

All updates will continue to appear on this website for all members of the community to review. The University thanks its students, faculty, and staff for their flexibility during these challenging times as we work together to maintain the standards of excellence that are the hallmark of the University.

Additional information for graduating students can be found in the Fall-Winter Registration Guide. The Timetable provides up-to-date UTM course information to help you plan your schedule for the upcoming year. It will show you which courses are being offered, and will provide important course and enrolment information that you need to consider.

Use the different filters under Quick Search or Advanced Options to customize your results based on what you are looking for. Once you click "Search Courses", you can filter your results further to customize the results based on your specific preferences, such as: the time a course is offered, availability, term, or distribution credit.

If a course syllabus is available for download, you will see the course syllabus option. Click to download the syllabus using your UTORid and password. This section provides a summary of the course and its topics. Additionally, important course information such as prerequisites, and exclusions will also be listed.

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This planner is designed to help you create a tentative schedule based on your enrolment needs. This will generate an unofficial timetable so you can see what your week will look like before you add them on ACORN. LEC The first 3 characters denote type of section. Some students are given priority access. Students must enrol through the department. Course is restricted at all times for specific students until specified date.In games where they allow under 100 points, Charlotte is 5-1 and Chicago is 2-5.

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Most appreciated was when GPS coordinates were listed in our personal plan book. Wish we had that for every stop as sometimes it was challenging to match the city spelling with the GPS.

The Highlights and Useful Info Book was very well laid out. The Map was invaluable with all of our hotels, tours, suggested spots highlighted to coordinate with our Itinerary Plan book. Throughout our entire planning and traveling you have the sense that every Nordic Visitor staff member wants to make sure you have the best trip ever. They appear to love their jobs and therefore create a grand experience. We are ever grateful. Lori, United States Express Iceland, August 2015 We absolutely enjoyed every aspect of our trip.

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